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Self laundry in Madrid center. Best value for money and quality in a self wash and dry beside Plaza Isabel II ( Opera). Enjoy a clean and comfortable space to wash your clothes close to your hotel or hostel. Open everyday.

New laundry service for touristic apartments, rent-flats, hostels and hotels in Madrid. We pick up ypur clothes, wash, dry, iron and delivery. Custom service in search of quality


Save time and money while doing your washing. Enjoy our free wi-fi to best plan your visit to Madrid or to get in touch with friends and family.

Wash and dry all your clothes in less than one our


All your washing, clean and dry for just 8€ . Soap and wi-fi included. Free daily press and music.


Just 3 steps:

  1. Follow simple instructions
  2. Select your program
  3. Insert coins


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  • Laundry in Madrid Center. Your best option. Rick Steve’s guide referral

    Laundry colada express opera in Calle Campomanes, recomended and advised in this famous guide Rick Steves

    Best self-service laundry in Madrid. Rick Steve’s guide Spain.

      We are proud of being recognized in this top guide of Spain, the Rick Steves guide, in fact we have put a lot of effort and illusion in our laundry project that has three main goals for the tourist in Madrid:
    • Best value for money laundry service in Madrid Center
    • Save time and money to people visiting Madrid
    • Provide safe laundry service. Contact less and credit card accepted. Frequent cleaning basis
    In our self-service laundries in Madrid, Colada Express Campomanes 9 and Colada Express  Antón Martin ( Magdalena 38) we offer our customers a clean place to do the washing with the best machines to take care about your clothes and with free WIFI. Our laundries have been placed in locations that are beside the hotels, hostels and tourist accommodation places in order to ease the washing of the clothes of people visiting Madrid. Both are places in Madrid centre, one, our Lavandería Opera is placed at Calle Campomanes 9, close to the Palacio Real, Plaza de la Opera, Calle Arenal and Calle Mayor, not far from the Plaza Mayor and on the other side, Lavandería Opera Campomanes 9 is beside the Gran Via, Plaza de Santo Domingo and not far from Plaza de España. Colada Express Antón Martin is beside Calle Atocha, close to Puerta del Sol and not fhttp://www.lavanderiaopera.comar from the Atocha Train Station, in the middle of the known Barrio de las Letras, a beautiful quartier full of hostels and hotels, restaurants and tapas bars, full of life and people. Our compromise of saving is focused on three main areas:
    • Money : we would like you to save in duties like washing and spend time in leisure like museums, restaurants, or whatever you like. For this reason our offer is to wash and dry all your washing in Madrid Centre for just 8€
    • Time: When travelling we are always short of time, there is always thing we would like to visit or enjoy and we ran out of time. In our laundries we offer the possibility to wash and dry all your clothes in less than one hour. To save time to invest in more interesting activities.
    • Safety: Our laundries are cleaned in a frequent basis, both machines and placement. To ensure 100% security and safety we accept credit card and contacless systems
    The offer of free quality and safe WIFI is also involved in our goals, profit your time while washing your clothes by planning your day and looking for places to visit and also to be able to do your bookings to museums, restaurants or whatever you feel like. Although the washing and drying takes in total less than one hour, there is time enough to profit. A self-service laundry in Madrid thinking in your needs, as tourists and visitors, a small business managed with efficiency and care, a complete service offered to our customers, this is how we understand a laundry business should work and your comments and encouragement  words help us to keep on doing our best to offer the best value for money laundry in Madrid. If you are visiting Madrid and need to do your washing, please get into our website and just get all the information to choose the best place. We will be glad to inform you if any doubt or extra information is needed, please let us know. Hoping you are enjoying your trip and visit to Madrid ,waiting for your kind visit to our laundries in Madrid, Calle Campomanes 9 and Calle Magdalena 38.
  • Wash and dry in Madrid. Best washing value for money

    We are happy to introduce our self laundry service in Madrid centre. If you have chosen the area close to Atocha street, in the well known Barrio de las Letras, with its interesting restaurants and tapas bars, and its walking narrow, interesting and full of live streets, you are very close to Lavanderia Anton Martin, placed in Calle Magdalena 38 https://goo.gl/maps/CFpNgxDs5Fp  where you will find all the facilities to do your washing. If the choice for your accommodation has been the area of Opera, Plaza Isabel II, Santo Domingo, Calle Mayor, Calle Arenal, Sol, and Gran Vía the closest laundry service for your washing is Lavanderia Opera, Calle Campomanes 9 https://goo.gl/maps/gxmfZhe2FV32 . And if your choice has been the Vallecas area, we are happy to inform you that there is another laundry service with the same facilities and belonging to the same group, Lavanderia Vallecas, Calle Sierra del Cadí 4, beside the Avenida de la Albufera in Vallecas centre https://goo.gl/maps/C2rJkssWjRv We all know that while touring we expect to spend as much time as possible enjoying the city and the places we are visiting and although sometimes it is just inevitable, the washing is out of the scope of enjoying…. more duty than leisure and knowing it we have based our service proposition. We would offer you to spend the lesser time possible washing your clothes so we are proud to offer the best self service washing machines in the market, reliable and easy to use, equipment that will take care of your clothes as you do at home. Our establishments provide the soap and conditioner to make it even easier. Free Wifi is provided and allows you to invest these minutes needed to wash and dry your clothes in planning your day ahead, looking and choosing the best route in Madrid, booking your tickets for El Prado Museum, or Reina Sofía or Thyssen…or choose which restaurant you would like to enjoy, or which is best option for having some tapas… invest time instead of spend it. All our laundries are placed in the centre of Madrid, where most of the hotels and tourist accommodation are located and basically in the area close to Barrio de Las Letras, close to Atocha, Puerta del Sol, Calle Mayor… a quartier full of life and restaurants and bars where taste the huge Spanish gastronomic offer. Located in Magdalena 38 street you will find Lavandería Antón Martín, the best option of doing the washing in this area. No need to take a transport, spend time and a good way to save money to spend in Madrid instead that in the expensive laundry service of your hotel. If you have chosen the Palacio Real area, Calle Arenal, Opera, Santo Domingo and Gran Vía you are lucky as well, this beautiful space is full of leisure offer, monuments and interesting touristic spots, restaurants and tapas bars and theatres… and again this area is plenty of hotels, hostels and accommodation. Placed in Campomanes 9th, very close to the Plaza de Isabel II ( called Opera) you will find our Lavanderia Opera, again you are very welcome to  do your washing while enjoying our free Wifi service to invest time during the less than one hour that will take you to wash and dry all your clothes and come back to the hotel, to enjoy Madrid as much as possible. And finally our Lavanderia Vallecas, places in Calle Sierra del Cadí 4, placed in the south of Madrid centre and close to many touristic accommodation facilities. Best option for your washing in Madrid, Lavanderia Opera, Lavanderia Antón Martín and Lavanderia Vallecas surely the best value for money laundry service for people visiting Madrid, feel free to visit us, we wait for you.
  • Best laundry service for tourists and touristic flats owners in Madrid

    laundry self service in Madrid centre, best value for money with free WIFI, soap and conditioner. Save time and money while doing your washing.
    If you are lucky and travelling in Madrid we are glad to give a key advice about your washing in the city, close to your hotel accomodation or your Airbnb flat, nearby the city centre there are a clean, easy and cheap laundry facilities, you would be able to wash and dry all your clothes by yourself. Based on Atocha Street and Barrio de Las Letras or beside the Opera House in Madrid and in Vallecas, this self service laundry group offers the best value for money in Madrid. Clean places with free wifi and top equipment and quality products for you to wash and dry your clothes while planning the key points you could visist in the city. Lavandería Opera and Lavandería Antón Martin as well as Lavandería Vallecas will provide you with an space where doing your washing instead of being  boring, could be just a part of the journey, the place to book for a theatre or a restauranto or to plan the day. Less than an hour will take you to go to the laundry place, wash and dry your clothes and be back to yourr accomodation with a full plannig on your way. While travelling we all want to take profit of the time, and even we have to do the washing sometime, this seems to be the best way. Our laundry places also provide a laundry service for the owners of touristic flats, laike Airbnb and alike, it doesn’t matter if you have just one or a lot of them, we will provide the service of picking up the clothes, washing, drying, ironing and delivery. No mínimum quantity required, whenever you need the service, give us a call and we will come. The laundry service offered in Madrid is base don our principles of taking care of the clothes and provide best service to our customers, individual user or flat owners and hostels. In Lavandería Antón Martín or Lavandería Opera you will find the best equipment to wash and dry in Madrid, to take care of your clothes, very easy and intuitive to work with and free provided with best washing quality products. If travelling in Madrid and need or want to wash your clothes in a clean, cheap and efficient place, give us a visit in Lavandería Opera and Lavandería Antón Martín or in Lavandería Vallecas is suits you more. If you are an owner or a manager of one or more touristic accomodation please contact us to get to know all the advantages of a custom service, no losses or damage of clothes, all personal working for us and make a real profit offering the service to your customers as well. Contac tus here.

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