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Laundry services for tourist apartments, hostels and hotels

Laundry service for touristic apartments, flats for rent, hostels and hotels in Madrid. Quality service provided

Taylor made service

  • Opposite to an industrial laundry service
  • We take care of clothes as we do with ours
  • Best equipment and washing products
  • No loses or damages

We will pick your clothes up at your place, wash, dry and iron and deliver. Full process at our own laundry facilities

We believe in the direct and personal contact with our customers  +34657876464

Advantages of a custom laundry service

  • We will pick up your clothes when you need it, no need of mimum quantity, just whenever you need it.
  • No losses or damages due to the small volumes we want to work with at a time.
  • We care about your clothes as you do at home, small quantities at a time and first quality washing products.
  • Constant and personal control of the process by our team
  • Pick up and delivery by our personal workers.

If you are not happy with the industrial service provided, fed up about having to match the volume requirements, losses, delays… get to know our custom service, different, efficient and profitable.

Give us a call, for further information  +34657876464

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