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Washing and drying clothes in Madrid

Washing and drying clothes in Madrid

Madrid is a great city to travel to, plenty of facilities to enjoy and fortunately with one of the best laundry service you could find. As a tourist we would need to wash and dry our clothes and we are not interested, at all, in paying an extra fee at the hotel and waste time, while we are able to find, close enough to our hotel or hostel a clean and easy to work, self serve laundry.

Our laundries in Madrid are placed in Magdalena Street, beside Atocha and pretty close to Plaza Mayor and Sol, known “Barrio de las Letras” full of accommodation and small restaurants and tapas bars. The atmosphere of this place is very interesting and demanded by tourist of all around the world.

Have the chance to get ready all the washing in less than one hour, up to 12 kgs for only 8€ is a first class option, best value for money and a clever way to invest those minutes while washing in planning the rest of the day… with the free wi-fi facility offered in all our laundries in Madrid.

If your hotel or hostel is further close to Gran Vía, Palacio Real, Opera and Santo Domingo the closest option for your washing in self serve plan, the Lavandería Opera in Campomanes might be the best choice, enjoy as well the free wi-fi while washing and drying your clothes.

The machines we work with are best in market, we provide full service, no need to bring or buy soap or condition, everything to give you the first class service you are looking for. We are proud to say that we have never received a complaint regarding the damage or any problem with clothes.

Most of our customers enjoy the use of our laundries in Madrid and they manage to send us their comments and congratulations, reason why we appear in the important tourist guides as one of the best options to wash and dry clothes in Madrid and Madrid center. Your comments help and motivate us to continue giving our best for you to get the best washing service.

Our goal is to continue being the laundry referents in Madrid, for any people looking for an efficient, quick and first class wash and dry self service and being able to make a difference between the things done right and just the mere done.

If you are looking for a self serve laundry in Madrid, close to your hotel accommodation, were you will enjoy free wi-fi while doing the washing, to get to know news and event of Madrid, or even make bookings and take profit of the less than one hour needed…. You have found what you are looking for.

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Visiting Madrid? Best laundry self-service close to your hotel is here

Visiting Madrid? Best laundry self-service close to your hotel is here


If you are one of these lucky visitors to Madrid, congratulations, you have chosen the right moment to enjoy the city, less cars on the streets, calm atmosphere, lots of interesting folkloric celebrations and plenty of good plans to have fun with.

Of course one of the needs of any tourist is of course the washing, and as every time we travel, time seems to fly and it is difficult to find the “right” moment for washing and drying our clothes without having the feeling of wasting our precious time.

A perfect solution for any tourist visiting Madrid is a laundry self-service in Madrid centre, close to your accommodation, able to wash and dry all our clothes in less than one hour since we leave the hotel or hostel or our AirBNB accommodation.

Instead of wasting time we propose you to invest it… yes it is easy to do, just go to any good and clean laundry self-service in Madrid centre, like the one in Barrio de Las Letras, beside Calle Atocha and close to Puerta del Sol, called Lavandería Antón Martín Colada Expres or if it is more suitable for you the area close to Palacio Real and Gran Vía we offer you our laundry in Calle Campomanes 9 Lavandería Opera Colada Expres.

Our goal is to provide a laundry service able to fulfil your complete satisfaction, we know that doing the washing is a boring task even though necessary… reason why our laundries are a place to feel comfortable in, cleanliness is a must in a place related with washing. There are plenty of washing machinery to buy but we have chosen the best, to give your clothes a soft and perfect treatment while the instructions to manage the washing and drying machines are easy to use for everyone.

Location is a key point for your washing thus no one wants to carry clothes up and down, therefore we have chosen the location of our self-service laundry places closer to the main touristic areas in Madrid centre, in order to make the washing as simple and shorter in time, as possible.

Lavandería Antón Martín is located in C/ Magdalena 38 beside C/ Atocha and inside the touristic and beautiful Barrio de las Letras, just 7 minutes far from Puerta del Sol, Estación de Atocha or Lavapiés. Surrounded by lots of touristic accommodations.

Lavandería Opera, located in Calle Campomanes 9 is beside the Opera House, at just 2 minutes from Palacio Real,and Gran Vía, Calle Mayor and Calle Arenal, agoin surrounded by plenty of touristic accommodations.

We offer high quality WIFI for free as well as local press, for you to be able to profit the time ( less than one hour) needed for washing and drying your clothes, planning your day trip, booking for your selected restaurant os buying online tickets for any activity you feel like. Of course sending and receiving pictures of the Madrid trip, or enjoying your social network.

If you need a first class self-service laundry in Madrid centre here you have the best value for money.

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Best laundry for long trip tourists in Madrid

Best laundry for long trip tourists in Madrid


Lucky people that are able to find time for a long trip are nowadays quite rare, or at least uncommon, but for those that have been able to make it… the washing is one more issue to take care about, during the trip.

Wash and dry our clothes while traveling is always a duty rather than fun, so we look for a quick, easy to run and cheap laundry service, and the best option is a self-service laundry service, close to our hotel or hostel.

Time is gold always but when traveling is even “golder” if possible, and just thinking of spend it makes it more frustrating, but if you are visiting Madrid and your accommodation is close to the centre, we have good news for you all, Lavandería Opera and Lavandería Antón Martín are your best options for washing and drying your clothes.

Best value for money in Madrid centre, best equipment to take care of your clothes, everything included, no need to buy and through soap or conditioner, and speed service, you can wash up to 12 kgs in less than 30 minutes, and dry in less than 20 minutes. Yeah, but this is nearly one hour doing the washing instead visiting Madrid, right?  Almost… in fact in Lavandería Opera and Lavandería Antón Martin you will find a quality free WI-FI.

And this free WIFI offered will provide you the chance to plan your day trip, what is interesting to visit, book for leisure activities, buy museum tickets, or alike, book in your favourite restaurant or even get tickets for the cinema o theatre…. Al while the machines do your washing.

While travelling, being able to invest time instead of waste it, becomes a good idea and with the washing is even more clear, save time finding our self-service laundries in Madrid because they are located beside your accommodation, in the Madrid city centre and save money because the washing ( wash and dry) will cost you 8€.

In about one hour you will manage to take all your “to be washed” clothes from your hotel or hostel, bring them to Lavandería Opera or Lavandería Antón Martín. Wash and dry them, plan your daily trip and go back to your hotel…. From Monday to Sunday and from 09.00 to 22.00 hours. Easy for you to choose the time table that will feet you best.

If you are looking for the best value for money self service laundry in Madrid city centre, definitely you are in the right place, just have a look at our website to get all the information needed, and please feel free to ask any extra information you feel like, we will be glad to help you.

If you make a trial you will be back, want to try today? We will wait for you.



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